Winglettes Mild Lemon Peri-peri – 800g


This chicken is totally free range, antibiotic and hormone free and they get completely organic (NON GM) feeds.


The easiest dish to cook. Put in a pan with the sauce and cook gently with the lid on or put into a dish and cook in the oven at 180 Degrees until tender.. you will come back for more!

The drumette is the upper part of a chicken?s wing. The wing consists of three parts: upper section, mid-section (sometimes referred to as the ?flat?) and tip or ?flapper.?

Drumettes get their name because they resemble a?small drumstick?and are handily eaten that way. Drumettes and wings in general became a popular party food because they are tasty and their size and shape make them easy to eat while talking with guests or watching the big game.

Our Free Range DRUMETTES are marinated with Lemon, a touch of Peri Peri and paprika!

They are NOT HOT!

Yummy finger food!


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