Veldt Reared Chicken Star Pack (4 Thighs/4 Drums) (R140/kg) ±1.3kg



What makes them unique is that their birds are not just Free Range,  they are raised in the veldt and not next to it. Their birds are raised in mobile chicken houses, so everyday they are moved onto fresh veldt where they will forage and enjoy the natural earth under their feet. This not only benefits the chickens, but rejuvenates the veldt they inhabit by returning much wanted nutrients back to the ground.

They DO NOT:

-stimulate chickens with light

-stimulate chickens with hormones

-feed any Genetically Modified Feed (GMO)

-make use of routine antibiotics

-force feed.

-add brine or water to the product

Their chickens DO:

– have constant access to feed and water

– breathe fresh quality air- ample natural Vitamin D, sunshine

– have access to some of their natural diet

– eat only certified non GMO feed

– have a great view



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