Natural Orange All Purpose Cleaner


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Making soap is a fascinating process, involving turning several ingredients into one ingredient, with nothing or almost nothing left of the original ingredients. That?s the case when using lye, an extremely caustic substance made from salt, in soap. When you combine the lye with the other ingredients and leave it to cure, they join to become soap, leaving nothing of themselves behind, in a process called saponification. The exception to this is coconut oil, which leaves a trace of itself behind, which is only relevant if you are allergic to coconut.

  • Natural Orange All Purpose Cleaning Gel really is all purpose, making it great for cleaning the whole house, including the kitchen and bathroom, as well as the office
  • This cleaning gel negates the use of any other household cleaner, streamlining purchasing and actual cleaning routine
  • Formulation is designed to make quick work of cutting through dirt, grease and residue build up, leaving nothing behind but a pleasant and relaxing smell

Did you know? Orange oil is an effective stain remover, degreaser and a natural antiseptic and deodoriser.

Use as instructed on the packaging.

Aqua, organic orange oil, vegetable extract (Guar Gum), coconut extract, cellulose, lye (0,01% for ph balance)

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