Our Farmers and Suppliers


Our farmers and suppliers are all sourced because they share our belief that the best produce comes from pasture raised animals that are treated humanely, roam freely and are free from any growth hormones and routine antibiotics.



We have two main chicken suppliers

Overlooking the Outeniqua Mountains on the Garden Route.  The farm grows both Free range broilers (meat chickens) and Free range indigenous Boschveld hens.The chickens are all grown in moveable houses which are rotated on pastures ensuring that the chickens are able to roam freely and eat naturally.

They do not use any routine antibiotic or growth hormones. The chickens are normally really big (from 1.7  to 2.5kgs). They are firm fleshed and really tasty. THEY ARE ALSO NOW GMO-FREE CERTIFIED.

Being authentically free range means more than just free-roaming. The chickens are free from stress, and free to behave naturally.

They are raised on a high quality, maize-based diet that’s free from routine antibiotics, animal by-products, and growth promoters. This keeps the chickens and their immune systems healthy, the natural way. They are encouraged to forage for natural herbs, berries and seeds for a well-balanced diet.


Our two main lamb suppliers are situated in different parts of the Karoo.

Their lamb roams free on natural mixed herb Karoo fields. These plants are very high in protein and hardy. Due to the mixed fields the lamb graze on, their diet are very balanced and extra feed are not necessary.

They have a ‘no predator control’ policy and lamb is traceable from farm to fork. These farmers believe in
healthy, natural and genuine farming!


We have a variety of beef suppliers throughout the Western Cape.  These suppliers have the best quality products and have been chosen because they are the best in their field.  

 Try our steaks, they are the BEST!!


As with our meat, we source from grass-fed cows, free from routine antibiotics and growth hormones. You won’t find stabilizers, thickeners or preservatives in our dairy products.


We have a variety of local fruit & vegetable suppliers. It is all organically and sustainably grown. Our vegetables are all free of chemical pesticides< and fertilizers.

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