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Free Range chicken farm - George

Situated near George, overlooking the Outeniqua Mountains on the Garden Route.  The farm grows both Free range broilers (meat chickens) and Free range indigenous Boschveld hens. The chickens are all grown in moveable houses which are rotated on pastures ensuring that the chickens are able to roam freely and eat naturally. Their free range eggs are in HUGE demand as they are exceptionally yellow and delicious. The chickens are normally really big (from 1.7  to 2.5kgs) They are firm fleshed and really tasty.  Every single bit of the chicken is used to make something, from Pet’s mince to chicken sausage, chicken burgers, smoked chicken breasts, de-boned chicken thighs, spatch cocked chickens, sundowner wings and more.   Being in the centre of a rural community, the farm has also sourced some great products from local farmers, like pork, feta, honey and beef, most of which are offered on our site.

Pig farm and Butchery - Ashton

A really special farm in a truly unique locality, growing some of the FINEST free range pork in the country. It has been The owner’s mission from day one to enhance their lifestyle by farming as environmentally friendly and chemically free as is possible. It was therefore a natural process for them to pass this on to the public and hence the birth of of an idea to grow good healthy animals, bred and raised humanely and allowed to roam freely supplemented with a good healthy diet, just like they did in Granddad and Grandma’s days.  It has been a long arduous process which they continually seek to make "healthier" in all spheres of their operation. The farm has an “on farm” butchery where the famous butcher makes up all kinds of PORK cuts using only standard herbs and spices.  Freerangers are priveledged to bring some of their wonderful products to you in Cape Town

Coming Soon, all the details of our Karoo Lamb and other products as we add them...